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Before I get all of my proper notes on the weekend sorted out and ready to post, I thought I'd do the easy bit and post photoshoot pictures.

Photos from the talks and notes from my autos and talks will come soon, I promise!

First up Saturday, Cush Jumbo. Who had a drink of water right before my photo, and told me 'I'm all refreshed now!'

Then it was Tom Price, whose hugs are huge GLOMPS.

[livejournal.com profile] morbid_sparks and I had our first double-shot of the day with Tom.

Then it was Naoko &hearts It is physically impossible to look pretty next to Naoko. (Unless you are Eve Myles. She seems to manage it.)

Another double shot - Naoko seemed quite flustered by this. And Malcolm forgot to take two so I had to go back in to get another after sparks had her photo.

Then Kai - thought hard about yet another pose while I was in the queue for this one. And isn't Kai looking fantastic these days?

Last of Saturday was Eve - I loved the dress she had on.

And another double shot with sparks

Only photo of Sunday was with Anthony Lewis. Who was looking good. (Naoko certainly thought so...more on that when I get to talk notes)

I'm really pleased with all of them.

I WILL get the rest up in the next few days. Really...



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