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This isn't going to be as detailed as the one I started for Hub 2 - mostly because trying to do that level of detail meant I never finished it!

We arrived early afternoon Friday, swung by Sainsbury's then made our way to the hotel. Once we were checked in and sorted out, headed down to the bar, got registered, then sat around where eventually we were joined by the LJ meetup. [livejournal.com profile] morbid_sparks's crochet dolls had a bit of an orgy in the middle of a table. I didn't have my camera on me, but I'm sure there are photos of it somewhere. This was the point we got chatting to [livejournal.com profile] cloudysky too, and we'd go on to spend most of the weekend with her :D

Opening ceremony and we had Naoko, Kai and Colin Teague - bit of last minute rescheduling went on when Colin changed to Fri-evening & Sat instead of Sunday but everything still went fine over the weekend! Naoko was very jet-lagged.

Got ourselves dressed up and headed on down to the Policeman's Ball. Left fairly early (11ish) so we could get showered and be up bright and early on Saturday.


We were first in Kai's autograph queue on Saturday morning. Tom was the first to arrive, and told us we'd be waiting a while as the others were all busy gossiping. Eve, Kai and Naoko all arrived shortly - Eve and Kai immediately started heckling Tom to take his jumper off. (Tom refused - he did later have a note saying he could be paid to take it off, and eventually decided it was too warm)

I asked Kai if he was on red-alert for a phone call (his partner is about 2 weeks from her due date) He said yes - he couldn't wait for the baby to arrive, but hoped it wasn't that weekend. Then it was Cush's photoshoot (I mentioned the water thing on yesterday's post) and back for Naoko's auto. [livejournal.com profile] morbid_sparks gave Naoko the crochet Tosh!doll she'd made for her, and Naoko dissolved into an incoherent squee over it. 'Look at the little side ponytail!!!'

Cush's auto queue moved reeeeeally slowly - she was taking loads of time to chat to people, and insisted on looking through [livejournal.com profile] cloudysky's Torchwood Encyclopaedia to find the article on Lois. Colin was also going quite slowly as he too was chatting about other projects, asking who people's favourite characters were...

The guy in front of me in Tom's queue asked if he was enjoying himself and Tom said 'of course!' - I told him he didn't sound all that sincere, so my auto from him has 'I AM HAVING FUN!' written on it :)

Our group wasn't called for Eve on Saturday (although we were scheduled to be) so we'd go for that Sunday instead...

Saturday panels

First up we had Eve, Naoko and Cush. All girls, nice gentle talk you might have thought... HELL no... By five minutes in, Paul was saying 'and we thought it was the boys we'd have trouble with.'

Also, Naoko wanted to take a photo of the audience but couldn't get her camera working.

I can't get my camera to work

Cush opened it up with 'Firstly, let me just say, Lois Habbiba is NOT a disease... It's a way of life.'

There was a question about if any guest stars had ever been scared by the renowned on-set shenanigans of the Torchwood cast. I think it was during this question that Naoko claimed Eve bullied her and moved her chair right to the other side of the stage.

Don't hit me!

Eve said that some were a little scared, but that they did try to open their arms and be welcoming. Eve and Naoko turned the question over to Cush, who said that Eve especially opened her arms... then opened everything else... But in all seriousness that Eve did come and help her stop worrying so much about the part.

Cush also had the WORST day for her audition... she was in Ireland when she was asked to come to it, flew back... and left her house keys in Ireland. Went across London to get her spare key from her mum... and the boiler had broken. She had to shower at her previously-a-stranger neighbour's flat. Then she'd run out of stuff for her hair so had to go across London again to get the right stuff, and was really late for the audition, and then the girl before her was someone in Hollyoaks!

Naoko was asked about Lennon Naked - she claimed at first that she was playing Ringo Starr. She won't be singing in it but will be doing some 'Yoko wailing'.

She was also asked to sing something from Avenue Q - she didn't (says she's forgotten the songs), despite Eve and Cush doing a chorus of 'Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaassseeeeee? We wuv you!'

Eve was asked (apparently, according to Paul, the VERY serious question) of who was the better kisser out of John and Kai - she said she'd never kissed John, and Gwen had never kissed Jack. After numerous yells from the audience about Day One, after they got the sex-gas out of Carys, she eventually remembered said kiss, but immediately said that wasn't a proper kiss anyway. And that Kai is better than both John and Burn.

No idea what the question was, but I noted down that at one point Naoko said people had said to her 'Can you get me a part? My mother looks like an alien...'

Naoko was asked what it was like being on Ab Fab. Cush just looked at her, then collapsed to the floor as she hadn't realised Naoko had been IN Ab Fab - and she loved the show.

That was you!?

Naoko said it was great, but she was petrified half the time.

Cush at the end was asked to sign her chair (which she reeeeeally wanted to keep) and the banner. Unfortunately there was a gap at the back of the stage, making banner signing slightly hazardous! Naoko turned her chair around to watch her signing it; Cush wondered out loud if where you signed it said something about your personality. Eve then did her very best to distract her while signing.

Next up were Tom and Kai. I have very scattered memories of this talk for some reason, but I do have notes...

They started off discussing various 'actor' bows... and demonstrated them all for us. (Tom continued to do so at random points through the weekend!)

'Oh, there's water here already...'

Kai making fun of Tom by pretending to drink his microphone every time Tom takes a slug

'When I'm not acting, I sell drugs to kids.'

Kai would love to open a cafe in Cornwall with Sarah and the baby.

If Tom was prime minister, he'd make Kai Foreign Minister... or something like that.

Not a clue what this photo was about

Or this one...

Tom is going to face the back, as Kai keeps getting asked questions.

No idea how the 'Rhys reading the news with PC Andy as the weatherman' thing started, but it became the 'Randy News'

BONG 'mehhhh' BONG 'mehhhh'

If they could have taken something from the Hub before it exploded
Kai: I'd have taken the fist. I mean the glove.
new series - 'Torchwood Take The Fist'

Then Tom's chair started creaking...and as it was pointed out he was tweeting while there, he claimed it was twitter morse.

He also got us to yell 'Get Well Soon Gareth' as he videoed us - still no idea what that was about!

The final 'talk' of Saturday was the live 'DVD Commentary' on the episode 'Meat' with Colin Teague, Eve, Naoko and Kai. I didn't write anything down during this, so only have a few bits I remember:-
Naoko complaining the first 10 minutes or so 'Where am I?' ('You're back at the Hub!' the others tell her)
Eve and Kai running around dancing to various bits of the music
Colin wasn't 100% happy with how the CGI turned out - they did a good job but had been pushed for time/money.
They filmed the Gwen/Rhys fight scene in 90 minutes, as that's all the time they had on that set at that point.
Gareth kept ending up not being able to speak with a mouthful of pizza in the pizza scene.
Eve standing with her hand against the screen when Jack is doing his 'resting his hand on the creature' bit.

Before the start of the auction, they announced the first guest for Hub 5 - Indira Varma!

We then skipped the auction to go back to our room, eat, and get ready for Doctor Who!! We were joined in our watching by [livejournal.com profile] cloudysky and [livejournal.com profile] laligin. Absolutely brilliant episode once again. I am so loving Eleven and Amy.

After Who, dressed up, and down for the Twisted Fairytale party.

Us at the party

Bit of dancing, then out to the bar to sit and chat and eat chips :)

Sunday coming soon!

In the meantime, all of my Friday and Saturday photos can be found here



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